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NSC Elite Monoflap Dressage



Sizes:  17″, 17.5″, 18″, all width fittings
Colours: Black or Chocolate
Leather: Buffalo
Wooden laminated spring tree.
100% best white wool flocking.


  • Monoflap design for the closest contact and communication with your horse.
  • Half comfort twist for a closer feel, suitable for many rider shapes.
  • Two seat options: The standard option is our deep seat option, but it also can be made in an open seat option which is particularly valuable when we have a short coupled horse and a taller/larger rider.
  • External knee roll supports the leg without dictating lower leg position: 3 different shaped blocks available to suit your build & riding style.
  • Variations in the tree and panel design make this saddle a good choice for most horses.
  • Available in softest, drapiest, best quality Buffalo hide for instant worn in feeling.
  • Available in best quality calf for a soft, grippy feeling.


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