Our team of Approved Fitters including S.M.S Qualified Saddlers & Saddle Fitters frequently travel around the country for test rides, rebalances, re-fits and alterations to NSC saddles. We also offer advice and can alter other brands of saddles where appropriate.

Below is a list of upcoming trip dates in the North Island. For Wellington, Wanganui and Hawkes Bay fitting contact Tim Abbot. For South Island enquiries, contact Sean Pope. If you cannot see your area listed contact us.

If you would like to book an appointment, please contact us.

For information on pricing & payment information, click here.


Tuesday 5th North Shore – Auckland Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 6th South Auckland Christine & Sylvie
Tuesday 12th HOY Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 13th HOY Christine & Sylvie
Thursday 14th HOY Christine & Sylvie
Friday 15th HOY Christine & Sylvie
Saturday 16th HOY Christine & Sylvie
Sunday 17th HOY Christine & Sylvie
Thursday 21st North Shore Christine
Friday 22nd Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Tuesday 26th Warkworth/Matakana Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 27th South Auckland Christine & Sylvie
Thursday 28th Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Wednesday 27th South Auckland/Whangarei Christine/Sylvie
Thursday 28th Kumeu/Whangarei Christine/Sylvie


Monday 1st Hamilton Christine & Sylvie
Tuesday 2nd Cambridge or Matamata Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 3rd Tauranga Christine & Sylvie
Thursday 4th Whakatane/Opotiki Christine & Sylvie
Friday 5th Rotorua Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 10th Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Thursday 11th Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Tuesday 16th North Shore Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 17th South Auckland Christine & Sylvie
Thursday 18th Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Wednesday 24th North Shore Christine
Monday 29th Hamilton Christine & Sylvie
Tuesday 30th New Plymouth Christine & Sylvie


Wednesday 1st Hawera Christine & Sylvie
Thursday 2nd Taupo Christine & Sylvie
Friday 3rd Rotorua Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 8th North Shore Christine
Thursday 9th South Auckland Christine
Friday 10th North Shore Christine
Tuesday 14th Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Wednesday 15th Whangarei/Kerikeri Christine & Sylvie
Thursday 16th Kaitaia Christine & Sylvie
Tuesday 21st Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Wednesday 22nd Kumeu/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Thursday 23rd Kumeu / Whangarei Christine / Sylvie
Monday 27th Hamilton Christine & Sylvie
Tuesday 28th Tauranga Christine & Sylvie
Wednesday 29th Whakatane/Opotiki Christine & Sylvie

Thursday 30th Gisborne Christine & Sylvie
Friday 31st Rotorua Christine & Sylvie


Thursday 6th North Shore/Whangarei Christine / Sylvie


Please note: We need to have 4  or more horses to visit an area, or may be waiting on a venue to be confirmed, therefore trips are not confirmed until a week beforehand. 

Please register your interest so we can let you know of up coming dates contact@nsc.net.nz

Please be aware that we are flexible and if we have enough interest (5 or more horses to see at one venue) our fitters will often be able to come to your area if it’s not on our travel list.

NSC – The English Saddle Co has two Society of Master Saddlers Registered Qualified Saddle Fitters and an SMS Master Saddler based Auckland, Wellington & Canterbury.

We also have four apprentice saddle fitters working towards the SMS accreditation and work with other experienced and professional Approved Saddle Fitters throughout the country. So if you don’t see your area listed just give us a call as chances are we have a fitter in your area.