NSC – The English Saddle Co Mobile Saddle Fitting Service

Our team of Saddle Fitters including S.M.S Qualified Saddlers & Saddle Fitters frequently travel around the country for test rides, rebalances, re-fits and alterations to NSC – The English Saddle Co saddles. We also offer advice and can alter other brands of saddles where appropriate.

The charge is $150 (including GST) per horse assessment. This covers an hour, or part thereof, of our saddler/fitter’s time doing whatever is deemed most necessary – test rides, re-fits, minor rebalances. More expensive and complicated work including flocking will be quoted for at the time and after the hour there is a charge of $20 incl. GST per quarter of an hour.

For region visiting we mainly work from venues at central locations to enable us to see our ever-increasing number of customers in the most efficient manner. Home visits may be available if your property is both accessible for our Mobile Saddle Fitting Unit and within reasonable driving time of an established route. Priority will be given to multiple bookings in one location/locality.

We also have a network of regional NSC – The English Saddle Co Approved Fitters who offer a mixture of home visiting and dates at central venues.

For South Island bookings, please contact Sean Pope. See our Meet The Team page for details of all Saddlers and Saddle Fitters.